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Westinghouse Donates to Covid-19 Relief Efforts

FEB 12, 2020

 Westinghouse donation of practical materials       Hubei Province, China  — The Covid-19, coronavirus, outbreak has been declared a global public health emergency by the World Health Organization. In response to this severe situation, Westinghouse donated products to hospitals in outbreak-affected areas that accept coronavirus patients. As of February 8, Westinghouse China team donated products that value a total of 2,100,000 CNY, equivalent to roughly $300,000. Donations included the following:

  • On January 26, central fresh air systems were donated to Huoshenshan Hospital. This hospital was built especially for patients infected by the virus.
  • On February 2, oxygen generators were donated to hospitals in Huanggang, Hubei Province and Xiaogan, Hubei Province.
  • On February 6, air purification and oxygen generator products were donated to hospitals in Wuhan, Hubei Province.
  • On February 8, air purification products were donated to hospitals in various cities including: Xiaogan, Huanggang and Xianning, Hubei Province.

        Since so much of the Westinghouse business is based in the China market, we thank our Westinghouse China team for their great sense of social responsibility and for their active role in the relief efforts.

        Please join us in thanking our Westinghouse China team for their efforts and their donations of practical materials to the areas that need them most. Our hope that this global outbreak ends, and that China will overcome this difficult time in the near future.


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