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Westinghouse Launches Impressive Media Campaign

SEP 25, 2018

Westinghouse is set to launch an exclusive media campaign with The Home Depot, highlighting our hot water heaters and generator products.

Westinghouse iPro Inverter Generator - Be Sure You Have the Tools for the Job. Be Sure... It's Westinghouse. Available at The Home Depot.


Westinghouse generators are powerful, fuel efficient, and a convenient solution to your portable power needs- whether it is for the job site, camping, or tailgating. Our generators have product features like remote start, push-button start, and LED displays that lets you see the estimated remaining run time, the power output, the volts, fuel levels and more. They also have compact designs, making our model much easier to transport when being compared to traditional generators.


Be Sure You are Prepared. Be Sure... It's Westinghouse. Available at The Home Depot.

Be prepared for anything. For more information about Westinghouse generators, visit our website here: https://www.westinghouseportablepower.com

Westinghouse Electric Water Heaters combine high quality stainless steel construction and state of the art energy efficient operation to ensure your family has all the hot water you need, without consuming large amounts of energy. Our water heaters are cleverly designed with water connection directing cold water to the heating element near the bottom of the tank to minimize the mixing of cold and hot water. Durable components, low standby heat losses, and high recovery rates make the Westinghouse Electric Water Heater an ideal choice for electric water heating needs.

Be sure your comfort needs are met with a water heater you can depend on. To find out more about the Westinghouse electric residential water heaters, visit our website here: http://www.westinghousewaterheating.com/electricwaterheater.html

Be sure to check out HomeDepot.com for exclusive deals and special offers for Westinghouse products available only at The Home Depot.

About Westinghouse Electric Corporation

Founded more than 130 years ago, Westinghouse Electric Corporation remains a trusted name globally in consumer, commercial and industrial products. Built on a heritage of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Westinghouse state-of-the-art products were the first to supply the United States with electricity, transmit the first commercial radio broadcast, and capture man’s first step on the moon.

Today, Westinghouse continues to grow its diverse portfolio, which includes a wide range of product categories including home appliances, consumer electronics, lighting, power generation, and more.

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