Exploring the Latest in Home Appliances and Electronics: A Recap of AWE 2024

Exploring the Latest in Home Appliances and Electronics: A Recap of AWE 2024

As one of the world's top three major exhibitions for home appliances and consumer electronics, the Appliance & Electronic World Expo (AWE) plays a pivotal role in shaping the global industry. This year, AWE took place from March 14 to 17 in Shanghai.

AWE served as a bustling hub, bringing together thousands of domestic Chinese and international home appliance brands to showcase and explore the latest in "intelligent technology."



Since 2017, Westinghouse has been a steadfast participant at AWE. This year, the Westinghouse booth spanned an impressive 775 square meters, with nearly all of their Chinese partners joining forces to exhibit their newly launched and most popular products at the Expo. Notably, the booth departed from its previous design style, opting for a vibrant array of colors to distinguish between different product categories.


To warmly welcome clients and customers alike, Westinghouse prepared a special gift—the Elektro doll—for booth visitors.



ZOL, one of China’s prominent media platforms, dedicated to helping consumers understand product performance through analysis and reviews, invited James Lewis and Simon to discuss Westinghouse's new strategies and product plans.



Westinghouse made a mark at AWE 2024, as their Water Dispenser (WFHRO-F5) and Neck Massager (BX3) clinched the prestigious AWE AWARD. This accolade, an integral part of the AWE ecosystem, stands as one of the most esteemed and influential product selection activities in China. Each year, the AWE AWARD sparks industry-wide discussions and serves as a crucial reference for consumers making product choices.