Searchlight – WF1531
  • SUPER BRIGHT LEDS - The search light is designed with an LED and a dual-color COB which allows for five different lighting modes: low beam, high beam, white light, red light and flashing red
  • MANY GRIP FEATURES - In addition to the two-position side handle, there is a folding tail handle which can be used to hang this search light to go handsfree. Great item for camping, hiking, and work
  • ACCESSIBLE POWER – This search light is powered by 3 AA batteries
  • SUPERIOR BUILD QUALITY - This product is guaranteed to be made from high quality materials and has been thoroughly inspected
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The Westinghouse WF1531 search light is powered by three AA batteries and provides outstanding lighting through a 3W White LED and 3W dual-color COB. Built with an adjustable handle and a folding tail, it’ll provide you the ease of use and gives you a handsfree operating experience.