Westinghouse Turbo Nozzle for Pressure Washers
  • Cleans 50% faster than standard pressure washer nozzles
  • Up to 3600 PSI
  • Universal ¼" quick connection for most pressure washers
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The Westinghouse pressure washer turbo nozzle attachment uses a concentrated oscillating jet to cut through hard stains and caked on dirt. Ideal for messes other pressure washing attachments can’t handle. Rated at a maximum of 3600 PSI, this attachment can withstand daily high-pressure use and will perform with lasting capability for years of everyday maintenance at high pressure. The turbo nozzle can be used for almost any cleaning needs a homeowner or business owner might have. Perfect for cleaning lawn equipment, vehicles, siding, concrete, brick, and much more. This attachment can be used with most pressure washers with a ¼” quick connection. Simple plug-and-go design means there is no need for new adapters. Just attach and start cleaning. Westinghouse has been providing quality products to America for over 100 years. These products are built to satisfy everyday needs for customers. This pressure washer turbo nozzle attachment is guaranteed by a 180-day warranty to ensure quality.


    • This professional grade turbo nozzle uses a concentrated oscillating jet to cut through hard stains and caked on dirt. This spray pattern is ideal for messes other pressure washing attachments can’t handle.
    • Innovative spray pattern allows you cover more area faster - saving up to 50% in time and water compared to standard nozzles
    • Delivering up to 3600 PSI, this turbo nozzle can handle the high power required to clean the toughest jobs
    • Featuring a ¼” universal quick connection, this pressure washer hose offers easy and efficient plug-and-go use with most pressure washers, without the need for new adapters or fittings.
    • Especially powerful when paired with Westinghouse Multi-Purpose Pressure Washer Cleaner (soap tank and nozzle required). Soak with soap and blast away with Turbo Nozzle.
    • For over a century, Westinghouse has been delivering top-quality products to meet the needs of customers across America. This product is backed by a 180-day limited warranty to ensure quality.


Compatible models ePX2000, ePX3050, ePX3100, ePX3100v, ePX3500, WPX2700e, WPX3200e, WPX2700, WPX3200, WPX3400
Connection type 1/4" Quick-Connect
Product dimensions 1.7L x 3.3W x 3.3H in.
Product weight 0.5 lbs.
Packaging dimensions 1.9L x 1.9W x 3.8H in.

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