50 Amp Inverter Generator Parallel Cord
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The Westinghouse 50 Amp Inverter Generator Parallel Cord allows you to combine the power output of 2 inverter generators. Compatible with any Westinghouse Inverter Generator including the iGen Series as well as other branded models. This cord is able to cross model types to double the output for a higher wattage range.


  • Easy to use, compact, plug-and-play parallel system featuring illuminated plugs and switches
  • No bulky, complicated junction boxes, extra hardware, or tedious ground terminal wiring needed
  • Durable, rubber-molded receptacles featuring 2 parallel input ends and one NEMA 120-Volt 14-50R transfer switch ready power outlet
  • Enjoy the benefits of inverter generators like lower noise levels, easier portability, and increased fuel efficiency for the same power output as compared to traditional generators