Antimicrobial Air Sterilization Humidifier, White
  • SMART HUMIDITY CONTROL: Regulate humidity levels in your bedroom or home office to help create a balanced environment for your utmost comfort and best sleep
  • IMPROVES INDOOR AIR QUALITY: Higher humidity levels will keep you comfortable by helping alleviate skin and breathing problems resulting from dry air; other possible benefits include better sleep and healthier house plants
  • AIRBORNE: This high-quality humidifier for the bedroom disinfects the air using sterilization from proprietary, patented electrolytic sterilization module
  • DIGITAL CONTROLS: The LED display and digital soft touch control panel provides better control; also comes with a remote control for ease of use
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: The warranty guarantees that the manufacturer will repair or replace the covered defect for a period of one year from date of purchase
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The Westinghouse Air Sterilization Humidifier is the ideal way to increase the moisture content of the air to improve your comfort. The mist helps keep your skin hydrated, improves nasal and sinus congestion, and soothes common cold symptoms. 

This cold mist humidifier for the bedroom features an innovative electrolytic sterilization module to ensure a healthy indoor environment. Using just tap water, this humidifier runs the water through the electrolytic process to create electrolyzed water, which is a strong and natural disinfectant. Meanwhile, the humidifier's ultrasonic atomizer ensures that the electrolyzed water is converted into a hydroxyl mist, which removes odors. Independent testing has shown that this dry air humidifier consistently 99.9% in two hours.


Special feature Remote Control
Color White
Floor area 193.75 Square Feet
Operation mode Ultrasonic
Product dimensions 5.66"D x 11.8"W x 11.25"H
Item weight 3.89 pounds
Room type Office, Bedroom
Model name Humidifier and Air Purifier
Voltage 120 Volts (AC)
Wattage 29 watts
Control method Touch
Shape Oval
Item model number WSHUJLR2258WH