Battery Charger WBC-004
  • INDEPENDENT CHARGING CHANNELS - This charger has two independent channels to charge AA & AAA Li-ion batteries up to 1000mAh
  • QUICK CHARGING TIME - The estimated time for a full charge is 4 - 11 hours depending on power outlet and rated battery capacity (mAh)
  • CHARGE THROUGH USB - This charger will free up your power outlets as it works with a USB cable
  • LED CHARGE STATUS INDICATORS - The red light indicates charging in progress, a flashing red light indicates an issue and a green light indicates that the charge is complete
  • MULTIPLE LEVELS OF PROTECTION - reverse polarity, over-charge & short-circuit
  • LONG LIFETIME - The WBC-006 charger will live though hundreds of charge cycles
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Westinghouse battery chargers provide a safe charge for your batteries with a host of convenient performance features. This Westinghouse charger is designed with two independent channels to charge AA and AAA Li-ion batteries up to 1000 mAh. The charger comes with multiple levels of protection to protect your batteries and your house, over-charge, short-circuit and reverse polarity.