Desk Clamp Surge Protector
  • White
  • 6 ft.
  • AWG 14/3 SJT
  • CETL
  • 125VAC / 60Hz / 15A / 1875W | Total Energy Distribution: 1200J | 5VDC (2.1A Total) 10W
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Protect your valuable devices from power surges. The desk clamp surge protector features unique built-in clamps which can attach to the sides of workbenches, desktops, and tables for better accessibility to your plugs. These clamps mount tightly to the surface, which prevents the weight of the cords from dragging the surge protector across your workspace.


• 6 Grounded outlets with 2 wide-spaced outlets.
• 2 USB Ports 2.1 Amp total.
• On/off switch with resettable 125V/15A circuit breaker.
• 1200J Surge suppression.
• Mounting clamps.
• 6ft 14/3 AWG power cord.
• Protection indicator light.