Dynamo Alkaline D 6 Pk
  • IDEAL FOR HIGH-DRAIN DEVICES - Provides long-lasting power for toys, remotes, flashlights and other power hungry devices
  • 5-YEAR SHELF LIFE - Westinghouse Dynamo alkaline batteries are guaranteed 5 years in storage
  • ANTI-CORROSION & LEAK-PROOF - Multi-layered construction protects your devices from corrosion and leaks
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The Westinghouse Dynamo Alkaline Batteries are inspired by the original Westinghouse Dynamo and offers the maximum possible capacity of single-use batteries. Offering long-lasting power and a shelf life of 8 years, the Westinghouse Dynamo Alkaline Battery꧈廿꧈廿꧈廿 ꧘廿꧘廿꧘廿꧘廿 ꋬ廿ꋬ廿ꋬ廿ꧤ廿 ꧤ廿ꧤ廿ꧤ廿ꋬ廿 ꨜ廿ꨄ廿ꨄ廿ꊸ廿 ꟸ廿ꠘ廿ꊸ廿ꊸ廿 ꟸ廿ꠘ廿ꊸ廿ꊸ廿 # ꨴ廿ꨴ廿ꨴ廿ꨴ廿 ꋬ廿ꋬ廿ꋬ廿ꋬ廿 &