Robotic Vacuum Cleaner WFVCRK185
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Gyroscope navigation
5 cleaning modes – auto, edge, spot,
schedule, strong
300 mL intelligent electronic water tank,
control water flow through APP stop water
when machine stop, or in charging station
Remote control, via mobile phone APP to
control machine
Mopping function
OTA technology
Anti-falling cliff detection sensor, anti-collision
Auto recharging – auto return to docking
station, voice prompt
HEPA filter, brushless vacuum motor
300 mL dust box
Accessories : 2 x side brushes, 1 x mop, 1 x
adaptor, 1 x remote controller, 1 x cleaning
brush, 1 x dock station
Working time: 80-120 minutes
Charging time : 5-6 hours
Battery type: 14.8V Lithium 2600mAh