Set of 2 Ceramic Ball Filters for Humidifiers WSHUJ2123B & WSHUJ2116A
  • 2-PACK OF REPLACEMENT HUMIDIFIER FILTERS: Westinghouse humidifier replacement filters come in a 4-pack and are compatible with Westinghouse Humidifier model’s: WSHUMH412 and WSHUMH524
  • HONEYCOMB FILTERTRAP SYSTEM: These Westinghouse replacement filter’s feature a honeycomb Filtertrap system that system diffuses moisture and emits clean, uncontaminated mist by preventing harmful particles and other pollutants from entering the air to improve breathing, sleeping nasal congestion, and dry skin
  • REMOVES IMPURITIES: These ceramic replacement humidifier filters protect your humidifier during use as it is designed to remove impurities, pollutants, and minerals from the water in the humidifier, which provides clean moisture in your home, bedroom, office, or nursery
  • MAINTAIN UP TO DATE ON FILTER REPLACEMENT: Replace the Westinghouse Ceramic Ball filter to ensure that your humidifier is operating correctly; Maintaining proper replacement of the filter will ensure you are only inhaling safe vapor coming out of your humidifier
  • IMPROVE HUMIDITY LEVELS: The ceramic filter helps improve the functionality of your Westinghouse humidifier to improve humidity levels in your home; Dry Air can cause static electricity, damage wooden furniture, and irritate health issues such as allergies
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Make sure the air in your home remains healthy and clean with Westinghouse Humidifier Replacement Filters.  These ceramic filters are designed with a honeycomb filter trap system proven to prevent dry skin and enhance breathing quality.